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Apetizer/Something to wine or beer

120 g Headcheese with onions and vinegar                                                   

90 g Marinated camembert with garlic, chilli peppers and vinegar                   

160 g Homemade chicken liver pate with port wine and cranberries

served with apricot - onion chutney and toasted white bread                           

90 g Grilled camembert with cranberries and toasted white bread                    

75 g Corn tortilla chips served with sweet-chilli sauce and garlic soup cream    

Soup(0,25 l)

Home made broth with chicken, root vegetables and noodles                           

Traditional local soup with mushrooms amd sourdough, mashed potatoes

and scrambled eggs                                                                                     

Soup of the day (ask your waiter)

Salads (250 g)

Sliced tomato and mozzarela with basil, arugula, olive oil and creamy balsamic

Variety of lettuce with baked goat cheese wrapped with bacon

 and walnuts in honey and cranberries                                                          

Variation of lettuce with grilled chicken breast, roasted bacon, parmesan,

 croutons and anchovy mayonnaise dressing                                                  

Gnocchi / Pasta

400 g Potato gnocchi with chicken, spinach, garlic and onion in creamy sauce  

Pasta of the day (please ask your waiter )

Main dishes

200 g Grilled vhicken breast marinated in white yoghurt

 seved with a salad of rucola and cherry tomatoes                                           

200 g Grilled steak of pork neck served with fried onions                                 

200 g Grilled pork fillet with mushroom sauce                                                 

200 g Grilled beef flank steak with green pepper sauce                                  

400 g Spicy chicken wings served with corn chips, fresh vegetables,

sweet - chilli sauce and garlic sour cream                                                      

600 g Grilled pork knee served with mustard, red cabbage salad

and horseradish with apples                                                                         

160 g Spisy sausages baked in beer (2 pcs ) with pickled vegetables

 served with bread                                                                              


90 g Fried camembert with cranberries                                                        

100 g Fried cheese with homemade tartar sauce                                            


150 g Burger "Crazy"

minced meat, cheddar, bacon, red onion, tomatoes, rucola

and spisy mayonnaise in a sesame bun                                                      

150 g Burger "Olomouc"

minced meat, Olomouc cheese (matured cheese), onion, tomatoes, rucola

and spisy mayonnaise in a sesame bun                                                        

150 g Burger "Goat"

minced meat, goat cheese, bacon, tomatoes, caramelized onion,

rucola and cranberry mayonnaise in sesame bun                                           

150 g Burger "Picant"

minced meat, smoked chipotles peppers, chorizo, onion, tomatoes,

rucola and spisy tomato salsa in sesame bun                                               

150 g Burger "Ceasar"

grilled chicken breast, dried tomatoes, bacon, parmesan cheese,

lettuce and mayonnaise flavored with parmesan anchovies in a sesame bun   

100 g Burger "Vegetarian"

grilled eggplant, zucchini, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, mozzarella,

rucola, basil pesto and mayonnaise in a sesame bun                                     

100 g Burger "Smažák"

fried cheese, homemade tartar sauce, lettuce

and cranberries in a sesame bun                                                                 

Side dishes, sauces

200 g Boiled potatoes                                                                                   

200 g French fries                                                                                        

200 g Baked potatoes with garlic sour cream (2 pcs)                                     

175 g Baked garlic or herb baguette                                                              

100 g Roasted green beans with bacon                                                          

100 g Lettuce salad with rucola, cherry tomatoes, cucumber,

         olive oil and creamy balsamico                                                                       

1 piece of Bread or Toast                                                                                

1 por Tartar/Ketchup/other cold sauce                                                            

Children's meals

80 g Fried chicken schnitzel with boiled potatoes

100 g Pasta with ketchup and grated cheese

50 g Fried cheese with boiled potatoes and ketchup or tartar sauce   


Apple strudel with whipped cream

Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Honey cake with whipped cream

Chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

Pancakes with cinnamon sugar and whipped cream

Pancakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream

Pancakes with chocolate and whipped cream

Pancakes with hot fruit, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate topping

Ice cream with hot fruit and whipped cream


Penzion Crazy


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